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My professional approach and continual development has led me to becoming the leading provider of professional music education.

I combine innovative, fun and creative ways to teach music and engage with students to reach their full potential. Innovative music lessons and classes from beginner through advanced for children, teens, and adults. I have programs to suit everyone’s needs. 

Music to your ears!


My goal is to foster creativity, confidence and grit in students of all ages through fun & engaging music instruction.

Music Lessons

Piano lessons are a wonderful way for musicians of all ages, beginner or advanced, to learn a universal language, and discover new ways to understand and interpret music.
Singing lessons are an incredible learning tool for all types of performers; from young students who love to sing and want to build their skills, to professional singers who need help maintaining their technique.

Musical Lessons

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piano and voice music school teacher in toronto ontario canada


Lena teachs a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Whether you want to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, Lena is happy to help you become the pianist you want to be and to share her love of music with you. She starts piano lessons as young as 4 years old. Before the age of 4 she recommends the early childhood music classes. Lena will show you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory, but she will also incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons. For more advanced students, she has lessons that are catered to prepare students for competitions or college auditions.

piano and voice music school teacher in toronto ontario canada


Whether you want to prepare for a musical theatre audition, a classical aria or learn how to sing your favorite pop tunes, Lena is the right voice teacher for you. Her voice lessons start at the age of 10 and up. Students younger than 10 can check out children's choir. Lena has all her credentials in voice and professional performing experience. In voice lessons, students spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. Voice lessons are available in weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.

piano and voice music school teacher in toronto ontario canada

My daughter absolutely loves her piano lessons with Lina. She is patient, kind, and super fun! It is obvious that she loves what she does.

Anna johnson

My son takes piano and voice lessons with Lina. He looks forward to her lessons every week and loves his teacher. Thanks for instilling a love of music in these young minds.

Marcel Vossen

A fabulous place for people of all ages to learn music! Lina is a great teacher, great location, and a wonderful learning environment. Thanks Lina!

Bryan Thompson
piano and voice music school teacher in toronto ontario canada

What can music do for you?

“Disciplined, structured practice in playing music strengthens those brain functions, allowing us to apply that strength to other activities.”

“Learning and performing music is like a full-body workout for the brain!”

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Lena Wills Music provides creative programming for all ages and a variety of arts experiences spanning from studio to stage. It is her passion to help introduce and develop artists who will acquire a lifelong love of the arts and learning.  Lena invites you to become a part of her rich artistic culture by trying something new! Join for a concert, or a special performance, or stop in and try out a class today!

Learn from an exceptional teacher in a positive environment. Your progress is carefully monitored and your skilled, knowledgeable teacher consults with you directly, person to person, to help and support you in any way possible. If you crave a stimulating, engaging, and challenging activity that will help you grow not only in skill but in character, consider Lena Wills Music, the finest music school in Toronto, Ontario.

piano and voice music school teacher in toronto ontario canada

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